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Institute of Advanced Orthopedics, MOSC Hospital and Medical College, Kolenchery, Kochi, Kerala


Physical therapy files

Neck Exercises

Lower Back (Spine) – Level 1 exercises

Lower back (Spine) – Level 2 exercises

Knee exercises Basic – Level 1

Knee exercises advanced – Level 2

Shoulder Stretches ( for Frozen Shoulder)

Shoulder Rehabilitation Program – Overview and Date chart

Shoulder Rehabilitation Program – Theraband exercises

Scapular stabilisation exercises

Scapular stabilisation workout – level 2

Foot exercises – Plantar Fasciitis

Foot exercises – Retrocalcaneal bursitis


Diet charts

Diet for high uric acid (Gout)


Post operative protocol for Rehabilitation after surgical procedures

Knee Replacement surgery Rehab Program

Shoulder Replacement surgery Rehab program

Unicondylar knee replacement Rehab program

ACL Reconstruction – Arthroscopic – Rehabilitation program

PCL Reconstruction – Arthroscopic – Rehabilitation program

Shoulder dislocation surgery – Bankart- Anterior stabilization – Rehabilitation Program

Shoulder dislocation surgery –  Posterior stabilization – Rehabilitation Program

Shoulder Arthroscopy – SLAP repair

Latarjet procedure – Arthrolatarjet – Rehab program

Meniscus repair Rehabilitation program 

Patella dislocation – MPFL Reconstruction – Rehabilitation program

Cartilage restoration – OATS (Osteochondral Autograft Transfer System) Rehabilitation program

Rotator cuff repair – Arthroscopic – Large – Rehab program

Rotator cuff repair – Arthroscopic – Small – Rehab program

Rotator cuff repair – Arthroscopic – Subscapularis – Rehab program


Other Downloads

Joint Replacement – Home care instructions

For Medical Personnel

Xray positioning – Shoulder

click on the above links to download the PDFs 

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