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Front view of shoulder joint showing SLAP lesion.

SLAP tear

By Sujit Jos | Published December 6, 2021 | Full size is 300 × 324 pixels

Front view of shoulder joint showing SLAP lesion. Shoulder-anatomy-slap

Anterior view of shoulder joint showing SLAP tear and Bankart lesion. SOURCE: Based on AMuscsk_20131017_v1_001. Variations used in 3B11978, 14A12041, 14B12041, 15A12041, 15B12041, 4A12018, 4B11978, 4C11978, 4D11978, 4E11978, 4F11978, 4A11978, 5A11984, 5A11978, 5B11978, 5B11984, 5B12018, 5C11978, 5C11984, 5D11978, 5D11984, 5E11978, 5F11978, 5G11978, 5H11978, 5I11978, 13B11984, 5E12018, 1B11984, 85903

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