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Institute of Advanced Orthopedics, MOSC Hospital and Medical College, Kolenchery, Ernakulam, Kerala


Physical therapy files

Neck Exercises

Lower Back (Spine) – Level 1 exercises

Lower back (Spine) – Level 2 exercises

Knee exercises Basic – Level 1

Knee exercises advanced – Level 2

Shoulder Stretches ( for Frozen Shoulder)

Shoulder Rehabilitation Program – Overview and Date chart

Shoulder Rehabilitation Program – Theraband exercises

Scapular stabilisation exercises

Scapular stabilisation workout – level 2

Tennis Elbow stretches

Foot exercises – Plantar Fasciitis

Foot exercises – Retrocalcaneal bursitis


Post operative protocol for Rehabilitation after surgical procedures

Joint Replacements

Knee Replacement surgery Rehab Program

Shoulder Replacement surgery Rehab program

Unicondylar knee replacement Rehab program


Sports Surgeries – Arthroscopy

Knee Joint

ACL Reconstruction (Arthroscopic) Rehabilitation program

PCL Reconstruction (Arthroscopic) Rehabilitation program

Meniscus repair Rehabilitation program 

Patella dislocation – MPFL Reconstruction – Rehabilitation program

Cartilage restoration – OATS (Osteochondral Autograft Transfer System) Rehabilitation program


Shoulder Joint

Shoulder dislocation surgery – Bankart- Anterior stabilization – Rehabilitation Program

Shoulder dislocation surgery –  Posterior stabilization – Rehabilitation Program

Shoulder Arthroscopy – SLAP repair

Arthrolatarjet- Arthroscopic Latarjet procedure – Rehab program

Rotator cuff repair (Arthroscopic) Large – Rehab program

Rotator cuff repair (Arthroscopic) Small – Rehab program

Rotator cuff repair (Arthroscopic) Subscapularis – Rehab program


Diet charts

Diet for high uric acid (Gout)


Other Downloads

Joint Replacements – Home care instructions


For Health Care Professionals

Radiology Positioning

Xray positioning – Shoulder

Xray positioning – Total hip replacement templating Xray


click on the above links to download the PDFs 


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