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Knee Exercises – Advanced strengthening

Advanced Knee strengthening

3rd to 6th month after surgery is an important time when you will be building up the thigh muscles. You could reinsure your knee if you do not build your thigh muscles to the adequate strength to support your body weight and the extra load while playing games. (The knee has to withstand more than 3 times the body weight when you do a cutting movement in football).

The important exercises are Quadriceps, Hamstring curls, Leg press and slow progression to Squats and weighted squats

Progression on each of these exercises should be graded, according to your existing strength.

Quadriceps weights can start with 5 or 7.5kg (both legs together) when you extend the knee with the roller on the front of your ankle. Do 20 repetitions; Give a break for 10 seconds, again do two more sets of the same exercise. Gradually increase the weight by 2.5kg every week to reach half your body weight (you can progress faster if your knees feel stronger). (You should under stand that when you get up from a chair or climb a stair, your leg is lifting your trunks weight, which is more than half your body weight and a weak muscle will not be able to do it easily. Avoid squats until you reach half the body weight in quadriceps exercise.)
For hamstring exercise and Leg-press start with similar weight to quadriceps, but aim to reach 1/4th your body weight. Sets of 20 repetitions, 3 times.
When you have reached the desired goal for the first set of exercises, you can start doing squats. Then slowly progress to weighted squats.
Now you are ready to try sports.
(If you are not able to find a way to go the gym, you can do wall slides to strengthen the thigh muscles. But remember that this is not as effective in gradually strengthening the thighs to support your body’s load while doing steps and chairs) 
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